Core Research Group

The objective of this group is to publish and present research papers in reputed refereed journals and conferences. They will also motivate and guide other faculty members from their respective department to publish and present papers. Also, the group is expected to get involved in various ongoing internally sponsored research projects such as design and development of drone for crop health monitoring, robotics etc. This group will organize conferences (preferably sponsored by external agencies), various training sessions /workshops on cutting edge technologies.

S. No Name of Faculty Member Department Designation
1 Dr. R.V. Kshirsagar EnTC Principal
2 Dr. M.D. Pasarkar Mechanical Engineernig Dean-R & D
3 Dr. G. N. Shelke Mechanical Engineering Member
4 Dr. A.D. Lokhande Mechanical Engineering Member
5 Prof. K.U.Shinde Mechanical Engineering Member
6 Prof. Sagar Chaudhary Mechanical Engineering Member
7 Prof. Anupama Indrawad Mechanical Engineering Member
8 Prof. Nikita Sonar Mechanical Engineering Member
9 Prof. Vijay Bhendwade Mechanical Engineering Member
10 Prof. A.R.Gaidhani Computer Engineering Member
11 Dr. K B Bhadane Electrical Engineering Member
12 Dr. H Prasad Electrical Engineering Member
13 Prof. Rahim Electrical Engineering Member
14 Dr. Sunil Kirloskar Civil Engineering Member
15 Shantanu Ganeshrao Pande Civil Engineering Member
16 Ketan Arunkumar Salunke Civil Engineering Member
17 Aswathi Anand Civil Engineering Member
18 Mahesh Gadekar Civil Engineering Member
19 Prof. S.Y.Kanawade EnTC Member
20 Dr.Leena Patil ESH Member
21 Dr.T.A.Rajput ESH Member