Activity Plan

Sr. No. Activity Resource Person Status Date
1 Expert Lecture on ”Renewable Energy Systems” Dr.Omprakash Kulkarni Completed Jan’2015
2 Expert Lecture on ”Transformer Design” Mr. Harindran Nambiar Completed Jan’2016
3 Guest Lecture¬† on ”Electric fields” Dr.Avinash Bhangaonkar Completed Feb’2015
4 Guest Lecture on ”Insulation Engineering” Mr. Manoj Mandlik Completed Feb’2015
5 Industrial Visit at Ashoka Biogreen Plant for SE students Completed March’2015
6 Industrial Visit at Gauss Electromagnetics, MIDC, Ambad, Nashik for TE students Completed March’2015
7 Industrial Visit at Rajhans Fabrication,MIDC, Ambad, Nashik for BE students Completed March’2015
8 Value Added Program for TE & BE students on High Voltage Equipment Design Mr. Manoj Mandlik Completed Feb’15-March’15
9 Value Added Program for SE students on MATLAB software Prof. Sagar Shinde & Prof. Sharmila M. Completed Feb’15-March’15