Incubation Center

Sandip Institute of Engineering and Management (SIEM) has started an incubation centre in the year 2015, where students can get technical guidance, mentoring, sufficient working space and network for teamwork. The context is to give a perfect bridge to an idea towards execution, awareness about entrepreneurship through expert advice, direction and platform where students are free to express their abilities. In recent times, incubators are home to investors who are able to mentor entrepreneurs, who can create and transfer knowledge to fulfill market demand. As success speaks, today’s youth is motivated to apply their knowledge of business in practice. In order to reap the benefits of young minds, government and various private organizations are extending their helping hand in the formation of incubation center.

Need of Incubation Center:

To strengthen and motivate students through a supportive environment that helps them to establish their business ideas and develop their concepts into market ready products.


  • To provide platform to the students of different disciplines to work as a team and share their innovative ideas, views and knowledge.
  • To provide opportunities for experimentation and exploration of newer solutions and methods.
  • To share updated knowledge of technological transformation in every discipline.
  • To test and implement innovative ideas for product development as per the need of market.
  • To educate the students to nurture their ideas and projects into feasible business.

The objective of incubation center is to create physical infrastructure and support system necessary for business incubation activities, facilitate networking with professional resources which include experts, consultants and advisers for the incubate companies promote and facilitate knowledge creation and innovations.


  • Assess the market conditions and entrepreneurs requirement
  • Identify team and service providers
  • Arrange for resources
  • Establish Industry Linkage
  • Draw out calendars of activates
  • Attract, select, retain and manage startups
  • Nurture entrepreneurship in those students who have a passion for knowledge generation and mentoring

Thrust Areas of the Incubation Center:

  • CAD/CAM applications
  • Internet of Things
  • Software based simulation and Optimization
  • Embedded system
  • E-Commerce
  • Mobile & Information Technology
  • Cyber Security
  • Automation

For smooth conduction of the incubation centre related activities, various committees like core committee, advisory committee and student committee are formed. The main theme of this centre is to work for the sectors like Digital India, Make in India, smart city, green technology etc as it is the need of the hour.