Library Rules and Regulation

  1. Keep Silence in the
  2. Student should be in complete uniform and should always carry identity card with him/her.
  3. Every Person who enters in the Library should sign the visitor
  4. Students are not allowed to sit in the Library during lecture /practical
  5. Use of mobile Phones /Laptops is strictly prohibited in the
  6. Drinks and eatables are not allowed in the
  7. Library should be used for reference & reading purpose, not for
  8. Don’t put your bags on issue/return counter. Keep your personal belongings in the property
  9. Don’t bring any other book in the Library except note
  10. Ask for help from Library staff, if you are unable to find your required
  11. Reference Books, Journals and Magazines are only for reference & are not for
  12. Students should handle the books
  13. If the book is lost then the student will be charged with price of the book & Rs. 50.00/- as processing
  14. Every student will be issued 3 books at a time for seven days. A book issued can be re- issued provided the re-issuing process is done before completion of seven days. Non returning of books by due date/time will invite the fine of Rs. 1/- per book per
  15. Reposition the chairs and switch off the lights and fans after
  16. All readers are required to maintain discipline in the Library